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When a death or injury from an explosion occurs, it is critical that the victims of these disasters have a team of attorneys that can respond immediately and begin an origin and cause investigation into the incident. As part of the investigation, it is crucial to ensure that important evidence is preserved.

As Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators, our attorneys have unmatched expertise in managing the investigation of fires and explosions. We literally wrote the book on fire and explosion investigations.

If you or a loved one has suffered a death or injury from an explosion, we’re here to help.

Natural Gas Explosions

Natural gas explosions are caused when there is a breach in a natural gas pipeline system inside or outside of a building. Natural gas can migrate underground into homes and buildings, causing explosions. Additionally, natural gas explosions can be caused by problems with gas‐run appliances (such as hot water heaters, furnaces and stoves), leaky hoses and valves, improper installation and maintenance errors.

On its own, natural gas is odorless. However, gas companies are required to add an odorant so that gas leaks can be more easily detected. If an explosion occurs and gas was not properly odorized, the gas company can be held responsible.

If you or a loved one has suffered a death or injury from a natural gas explosion, action must be taken quickly. The gas utility company typically responds to these incidents almost immediately, and you need strong representation to protect your rights and preserve crucial evidence.

Propane Gas Explosions

Propane gas is distributed differently than natural gas. Natural gas pipelines run up and down the street and are owned and operated by the natural gas utility company. Propane gas is generally kept in tanks or cylinders and is part of what is known as a private gas system. Propane gas is heavier than air, so when a leak occurs, it tends to sink into deep and enclosed areas. When propane is near a flame or pilot light, it can cause an explosion.

Many propane gas explosions occur due to an out‐of‐gas situation, meaning that when a propane tank empties and the propane company refills the tank, it also is supposed to relight the pilot light on gas appliances and examine the system so homeowners avoid injury. Unfortunately, propane companies don’t always do this properly, and when homeowners attempt to light a pilot, a deadly explosion may occur.

Fabian, Sklar, King Liss, P.C. is nationally recognized for our legal expertise in explosion cases. Our attorneys understand how to find the underlying cause of an explosion, determine liability, and seek maximum compensation for injured victims.

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There's been many articles that describe how various companies migrated apps from React to Backbone. This one will be just a bit different, in that we only added React+Redux into our existing Backbone app. Here's some of the steps and techniques that we used. I don't think any of this is particularly new or unique, but the info may be helpful if you're trying to do something similar yourself.

While the typical React SPA has a single use of ReactDOM.render() , it's entirely fine to have multiple React render trees throughout a larger non-React page. In our case, we wanted to use our existing Backbone UI infrastructure for creating modal dialogs and menus, but render React components inside them for the content.

The React docs recently added a section on Carolbar Womens Chic Sexy Pointed Toe High Heel Stiletto Court Shoes Wine Red rhlg6B9cLq
, which demonstrates the basic concepts for embedding React in Backbone Views. It's just a matter of calling ReactDOM.render() somewhere during the Backbone view creation process, and ReactDOM.unmountComponentAtNode() when the view is destroyed.

There's a wide variety of pre-existing utilities and libraries to help integrate Backbone and React, or even Backbone and Redux, and I'd bookmarked many of them over time just in case they might be useful (see the Dream Summer Wedge Shoes HandWoven HighHeeled Sandals Sexy Ankle Shoes Color Gold 10cm Size 38 nz8DROXnW
section for links). We ultimately didn't use any of them as-is, but I did make use of the viewFromComponent() function from Ladies L430 Zip Leather/Textile Casual with Padded Sock amp; PU Sole Teal TfnWvbNz
with some changes for our needs. It takes a React component class as an argument and returns a Backbone View that creates a React render tree for that component, and also extracts specific model/collection values and passes them through as props. (I guess that makes it a "Higher-Order View"? :) ) That allowed us to build our React components in a pretty normal way, and then just wrap up the top-level components as needed so they could be attached to our Backbone UI.

Because we don't have a build step with compilation, we've thus far been limited to strictly ES5 syntax. During this last dev cycle, our target browser environment did get updated to versions that have a high percentage of ES6 support, so we finally began making use of ES6 syntax as we wrote new code or updated existing logic. (Hallelujah - arrow functions and destructuring FTW!)

However, we still don't have the ability to use JSX in our render methods. Everyone would agree that raw React.createElement() calls are ugly, even if you alias createElement() to h() or something. Fortunately, there's a variety of abstraction utilities for createElement() out there for those who either dislike JSX, or (like us) can't use it. I opted to use the Mirak Bounty Laceup Canvas / Womens Shoes Blue N9jtIu
lib, which looks like this:

It's obviously not as nice as JSX, but it's a very workable fallback given our constraints.

About Us

Health Care Associates is a Grand Rapids Home Health Care agency. We serve the greater Grand Rapids area, Allhqfashion Womens Lowtop Assorted Color Laceup Round Closed Toe HighHeels Boots Black md0dTaVhxf
We have been in business for over 30 years and are excited to learn how we can serve you!

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February is American Heart Month. It is used to raise awareness for heart disease which is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

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